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HNAC допоміг Бюро сільського господарства та водопостачання району Хуйян з дренажної насосної станції. Навчальний курс з експлуатації та технічного обслуговування було успішно проведено

Час: 2021-04-27 Переглядів: 250

In order to further improve the business ability and operational skills of the operation and management personnel of the drainage pumping station in Huiyang District, and to adapt to the needs of the development of water conservancy under the new situation. At Present, the Huiyang District Agriculture, Rural and Water Conservancy Bureau of Huizhou City, Guangdong Province (hereinafter referred to as the "Agriculture and Water Bureau") a training course on operation and maintenance skills of the drainage pumping station was held at the Yongliang Diwei Management Office in Huiyang District.
The opening ceremony of the training course was presided over by Liu Yaorong, Deputy Director of the Agriculture and Water Bureau of Huiyang District, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province. The relevant persons in charge of the Agriculture and Water Bureau, Liangjing Town People’s Government, Pingtan Town People’s Government, Pingtan Diwei Management Office, Danshui River Danao River with total of 32 business backbones from the Engineering Management Office and Yongliang Diwei Management Office participated in the training.

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The water conservancy project management unit of the Huiyang District Agriculture and Water Bureau has 12 drainage stations in total, Danshui River Danao River Management Office, Yongliang Dike Management Office, and Pingtan Dike Management Office. Since January 2021, Huazi Technology has provided 12 drainage stations in Huiyang District with equipment inspections, regular maintenance and regular maintenance, including water pumps, motors, high and low voltage equipment, computer monitoring and protection, DC systems, gates and hoists. Maintenance and preventive tests, and provide services such as flood season duty, emergency rescue, and technical training.

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